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Evergreen School: Build Update

Leave a Legacy: Education 

Mothers of Africa   .   01:39

Create Something that will last forever. 

Shiyala Primary School, Chongwe, Zambia  

Mothers of Africa   .   05:43

Charity founder, Professor Judith Hall gives a guided tour of Shiyala Primary School. 

The Road to Shiyala Primary School: 

Mothers of Africa   .   05:59

Charity founder, Professor Judith Hall tells the story of why Mothers of Africa came to build the Primary School for Shiyala Community in rural Zambia.

Christabel's Story

Mothers of Africa     .     03:11

Dr. Christabel Mbüza, Senior Resident Medical Officer at Chongwe District Hospital, Zambia. In an interview with Mothers of Africa, Dr. Mbüza describes the problems teenage girls and women face when giving birth in the bush and the long distances they must travel to reach a hospital. Christabel also explains the lack of education of many of the teenage mothers and the vulnerability this produces. 

Shiyala School Build and Vacation School

Mothers of Africa     .     06:57

A beautiful video showing photos of the second phase build of Shiyala School in Zambia and the August 2017 vacation school. We are pleased to feature the volunteer students from Global Opportunities, Cardiff University, staff from Orkidstudio, the local workforce, teaching staff and Mothers of Africa, Monaco volunteers. A fantastic end to 2017.

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