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Vicky Layton

In 2013 I heard a passionate talk by Fahimeh Robiolle about her work with Afghan women, stressing the huge importance of education for girls and the negative effects of teenage marriage and pregnancy on health and life chances. This really grabbed me, so when, at a great African dance evening, in aid of MoA, arranged by Suzanne Batstone, Janice Newport spoke about the charity and its work in this exact area, my support was immediate. I was very impressed by the way MoA works and achieves its goals. 

I live in Monaco, having come to work as an accountant in 1990, with my husband, raised 4 children, and believe strongly in volunteering. I have helped out whenever I can through the years, at schools and in other associations. I help run the Monaco Mother and Baby group (who now support MoA) and am very pleased to be part of the MoA Monaco team in its many fund raising and awareness activities. Their goals are worth fighting for.

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