Vacation Schools Project

Running ‘Vacation Schools’ are an absolute joy and an enriching experience for everyone. Since we are committed to all our projects we have been running various 'Vacation Schools’ in Shiyala Village since 2013. Even though it is vacation time, the majority of the village children have nowhere to go and over the years they have enjoyed coming to the ‘Vacation Schools’ which promote education, art, sport, well-being and a lot of FUN.

So in August 2017 and more recently in May 2018, we packed our suitcases once again, filled them to the maximum luggage capacity with generous donations and travelled to Shiyala. The themes in 2017 were, ‘We all have our special place in the world’ and ‘Mindfulness with Movement’ and in May 2018 we focused on 'Building Confidence through Art'. 

The reception of the children and staff is always overwhelming and they never want Mothers of Africa to leave. Moreover, we never want to leave and the goodbyes are always tearful and sad. However, one thing is certain: we will always return. 


The school has very few resources in terms of stationery and equipment, so we always rely on generous donations when we organise the ‘Vacation Schools’. We are always planning our next visit to Shiyala and need to buy materials. If you want to make a real contribution, then click on the donate button to help buy important school supplies.