Susanne Bohush

I first met Janice (Judith’s sister) at the Mums and Tots Group in Monaco 21 years ago! After losing touch for a few years our paths kept crossing. I felt there was something to be done. 

A few lunches later, I had heard the story of the MoA and their wonderful projects. I love organizing events and bringing people together to make a difference, so we organized the first MoA dinner in Menton in 2015. We danced and raised awareness for the project. The following year we held a sponsored walk up in Eze. 
I met an amazing African dance teacher at another charity Wellness event, who kindly agreed to come to Monaco to run an African Dance Class, which took place in the hall where the original Mums and Tots was held!!  
More awareness raised, more fun and more people wanting to help us!! 

Coincidences, chance meetings, the lovely team of people who have come together to help, the fun we are having -  I really feel that when something is right, it just works! This charity just proves it. 

I visited Zambia in August 2017 to help run the holiday school and again in September 2019 for the handover of the build at Evergreen Primary. Having experienced the eagerness and enthusiasm to learn from the children there I am committed to do all I can to promote the cause.