Shiyala School Equipment

Shiyala School Donations

Six books for the whole school, rotting desks and benches, charcoal to write on blackboards: this was the state of disrepair of the unadopted Shiyala Community School in 2013.


Since 2017, the Shiyala Primary School has been ‘adopted’ by the District Education Board, which supplies the fully qualified teachers.   However, it has not been ‘gazetted’, which means it has not been officially recognised by the Zambian government. Consequently, the school does not have a budget to buy text books or school equipment. Once gazetted, the school will only receive funding for one grade’s worth of books per year, which in a school of 9 grades, means it will take 9 years for the school to receive its full quota of books.

Mothers of Africa is committed to the continued support of their projects and in 2018, we have decided to fully equip the school, including the text books.  We want to help the teaching staff to focus on their pupils; however, a lack of resources distracts them from creating the best possible learning environment. We need books, stationery and sports equipment.


We want to buy a total of 2,140 books for the whole school including both pupil’s and teacher’s books.  

Each book costs only 3.5€ / £3 / 4$ equivalent to the cost of a tall cappuccino.


Shiyala is a poor community and Mothers of Africa does not want the children to fall behind the challenges of the national education curriculum. The advantages of better-educated children speak for themselves: well-educated children lead to well-educated parents of the future. Help us to help them. Visit our Donate Section.