Shiyala School Build

Mothers of Africa decided to do the unimaginable: build a school in a remote Zambian village. At first it started as a thought, then a whisper and finally a promise.  “We will build a primary school for 540 children!" It has been an incredible journey.

Getting children to school and keeping children in school will have huge benefits for a child’s future physically, economically and socially. When a girl in the developing world receives 7 years of secondary education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children. We had to build a school. Long distances to school and the daily chores make school attendance erratic, so let’s bring the school closer to the village children.

In August 2017, with the collaboration of Orkidstudio and volunteers, including students from Cardiff University's Global Opportunities programme, the school was completed in Shiyala Village. There are currently 311 children enrolled for the 2018 school year, previously, some of these children did not attend school. In addition, the Zambian Education Department now employs fully qualified teachers including a Head Teacher and Deputy Head. These numbers will increase to over 500 pupils in 2019.

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