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Sandrine Mannoni Oria

Traveling around the world I can unfortunately state that education remains a privilege, especially for girls. I believe in a world being a better place with educated children. When my friend Noeline Gally - who had just heard about the story of Mothers of Africa, was thinking of organizing a charity dinner in Monaco, I immediately decided to be part of it. This was in June 2017 and now both of us are involved with the Monaco MoA Chapter.

Judith Hall, the founder of MoA in the UK, is really a source of inspiration. Her commitment as well as her achievements speak for themselves.

Judith not only distributes the money, but she oversees the on-site work. The locals are involved as well. They are given tools and education to become autonomous and independent and when this is achieved Mothers of Africa can then start a new project.

My only wish is to make a small contribution to Judith’s endeavours in Africa.  

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