Meet The Team

“I realised then that this charity was not quite like others, it was personal and real and it was working

Brett Barling

Treasurer, Mothers of Africa, Monaco Association

Coincidences, chance meetings, the lovely team of people who have come together to help, the fun we are having -  I really feel that when something is right, it just works! This charity just proves it.

Susanne Bohush

President, Mothers of Africa, Monaco Association,

Trustee Mothers of Africa UK

'Mothers of Africa really is making a difference and saving lives through education, I've seen it first-hand.'

Dr Monica Chowathe

Treasurer and Trustee

Mothers of Africa, UK

"It has been my privilege to work with them, and I am eternally grateful that they have allowed me to see and share just a fraction of their lives."

Paul Crompton

Trustee Mothers of Africa UK

‘School education is a child‘s right. It is a tool to eradicate poverty.’

Dr Sunil Dasari

Trustee Mothers of Africa UK

“MoA are making a difference, you can too!" 

Noeline Gally

Vice Treasurer, Mothers of Africa Monaco Association

“Every country has different needs. Mothers of Africa travel to understand those needs, assessing infrastructure, funding and level of organisation. We then work with African partners to provide targeted educational support.”

Professor Judith Hall 

Founder, Chair, Acting Secretary and Trustee, Mothers of Africa UK

Advisor, Mothers of Africa, Monaco Association.

Janice Newport spoke about the charity and its work in this exact area, my support was immediate. I was very impressed by the way MoA works and achieves its goals. 

Vicky Layton

Vice-President, Mothers of Africa, Monaco Association, Trustee Mothers of Africa, UK

I believe in a world being a better place with educated children.

Sandrine Mannoni

Secretary, Mothers of Africa Monaco Association

Dr Job Mwanza

Trustee, Mothers of Africa

Through this collaboration, quality education will eventually translate into a healthy community, something that is close to the heart of Dr Job Mwanza

Catherine Hough


"I consider it a great honor to have this opportunity to work with the MoA team and develop this lovely website for sucn a worthy cause".