Our Major Supporters

The White Feather Foundation embraces environmental and humanitarian issues and in conjunction with partners from around the world, helps to raise funds for the betterment of all life and honours those who have truly made a difference.  


CAUKIN Studio is an organisation founded on the premise that everybody should have access to better designed and built spaces. Something which shouldn’t have to come at a large price tag. Since its inception in 2015, CAUKIN has worked on more than 25 design and construction projects worldwide, involving and educating over 500 international participants and local people through the

process of these projects. We hope to demonstrate that an organisation can balance profit with purpose, considering our impact in equal measure to our financial goals, utilising business as a force for good, in an industry where such values are often missing.

Our vision is for:





Every human being should have the opportunity and tools to shape the spaces they inhabit.

We should all benefit from the quality of life that is achieved through informed design.

Construction has to reduce its environmental impact on our planet.

The relationship between Cardiff University and Mothers of Africa has been solid and effective for over a decade now. Professor Judith Hall (plain old Dr Hall in those days) started our charity from within the School of Medicine in Cardiff University back in 2004 and thankfully, the contribution made by Mothers of Africa to International Development was soon noticed and embraced by the university.  Cardiff University kicked off their support by hosting our first ever website back in 2005, a great start.  

To celebrate their 125th Founding Anniversary in 2008 Cardiff University started their year by sponsoring a wonderful operatic concert at Llandaff Cathedral. This was a vehicle for young opera stars and hosted by Wales' own star Wynne Evans  in a wonderful charity fundraiser. This very much raised our profile within the university.  Since then, we have received a huge amount of support and fundraising from staff and students.  
Very significantly, a major milestone happened in 2012 when Professor Karen Holford, then Head of School of Engineering (now Deputy Vice-Chancellor) had the vision to support the electricity installation for the village Education Centre in Shiyala, Zambia. This donation enabled the build, but also funded staff and students to travel to provide expertise for a solar installation. This project was a huge success with tremendous shared learning for staff, students and villagers.  And the project grew and grew, to provide solar for the education centre, a village co-operative shop, the health centre and the nurse's house.  What an impact! Thank you Prof Karen and thank you all concerned from Cardiff University.
Another example of significant Cardiff University support is that of Global Opportunities (GO). GO largely supports students, but also some staff and running and building costs for interesting and formative educational experiences for our undergraduates.  Mothers of Africa have twice benefitted by receiving funding, for both phases of the Shiyala School Build in Zambia. A special mention must go to our School of Architecture as they give extra support and funding on top: we're very grateful.  Again, mutual benefits for village, university and charity. 540 children are now at school, who didn't go to school before.  
Our shared project continues: many staff and students do fun runs, cake sales, donations instead of wedding gifts, in-kind expertise, donations of books and equipment. Please, please, please keep doing these things for Mothers of Africa, we cannot express our thanks sufficiently

Just a few links below.  Please go to our wonderful Flickr site for photographs of so many of these projects. 


The Salus Charity Foundation was created in 2009 and is chaired by Tito Tettamanti, a Swiss lawyer and entrepreneur. Its aims are to support initiatives in the fields of education, research, health, and various projects with social and economic background.
The Salus Charity Foundation is administrated in Monaco by Fidinam Monte Carlo SAM.

Over the last 14 years the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) have supported the work of Mothers of Africa by giving travel grants to support our training initiatives.  UK (mostly Welsh) Anaesthetists have been enabled to travel to provide much needed Anaesthesia Education that facilitates life saving surgery in Liberia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia. This means local clinicians can deliver safer care and ongoing training.

Mothers of Africa and AAGBI believe that collaboration, partnership and training are key to reducing unnecessary surgical deaths in a sustainable way.

Check out the AAGBI Tropical Health and and Education Trust (THET) map of international anaesthesia projects:  https://www.aagbi.org/international/thet

Click here to find details here on how to apply for an AAGBI travel grant 


welsh gov.gif

The Wales and Africa project is Wales' response to a global call from the United Nations to make the world a better place. The Sustainable Development Goals require that we all try to eradicate poverty, promote health; sustain the environment.  Mothers of Africa are proud to have been part of the Wales and Africa programme over the years. We are grateful to have received funding for our health and education projects in Africa. Wales and Africa have supported Welsh people to travel to share our Welsh quality education agenda in communities, hospitals and clinics. We've been supported to carry out Arts and Craft projects, Summer Schools, clinical teaching: empowering and enabling local people. Mothers of Africa recognise that the people of both Wales and Africa are winners here through shared learning.  We are deeply indebted to Wales and Africa.