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Noeline Gally

Raised as a Catholic in a tiny village in Ireland, I learnt at a young age that there is always someone, somewhere more unfortunate than oneself…  and that we can always help in some little way. 


Many years later in sunny Monaco , I had the pleasure of meeting Janice Newport, who gave a very powerful speech explaining the work of Mother’s of Africa, at an African Dance charity event organised by Susanne Batstone. 


I always knew that I was privileged living in this wonderful part of the world but Janice’s speech really had a strong message which hit home and was difficult to ignore.

I wondered what I could do to help and with lots of support from MoA, my good friend Sandrine and myself organised our first charity dinner.  What a wonderful feeling that was and the realisation that there are lots of people out there with the same aspirations as ourselves…..  to help in what ever way we can to make a difference.


MoA are making a difference, you can too!!

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