Kaoutar Laklalech joins Mothers of Africa for internship
November 2021

My name is Kaoutar, I am 18 years old, and I come from Fez, Morocco. I am currently a first-year student at Sciences Po Menton, located in the South of France. Coming from Morocco, I was exposed from an early age to the inequalities women and children were facing especially within the field of education. This made me eager to serve this cause in Morocco and beyond. 

After I came across the Mothers of Africa association through a fellow Sciences Po student, I directly knew that I wanted to join the team. Mothers of Africa is doing considerable work in supporting the causes of education and women's health; and as an intern, It's an honour to be able to use my interest in art graphic design to serve this purpose and spread the word about it on social media platforms. aI am looking forward to working with such an inspiring team throughout the next months.

No Finish Line 13-21 Nov 2021
November 2021
NFL_2021_Comp01 copy.jpeg

Once again Mothers of Africa took part in this event organised by Children and Future. 

No Finish Line is an annual event which has been taking place since 1999. During the week participants can either walk or run on the circuit in Fontvieille or anywhere else in the world, via the No Finish Line app. Thanks to registration fees, donations and sponsors, for each km walked or ran, Children and Future donate €1 towards projects for disadvantaged or sick children. 

Susanne Bohush, President of Mothers of Africa, Monaco said, ‘We are always very happy to support Children and Future and their great projects. This year we had 53 participants in 8 countries! It is phenomenal how our team has grown since we started. We are truly grateful to all involved and hope everyone had as much fun as we did. We are also happy to have had the support of local singer Anette Shine this year!’

Top left and right: Noriah Buleya and Job Mwanza running in Zambia.
Bottom left: Jean-Paul and Noeline Gally with Anette Shrine.
Bottom right: Patrice Loquet, overall winner of No Finish Line 2021 with Jean-Paul Gally.


April 2021
Screenshot 2021-05-01 at 09.36.58.png

Mothers of Africa, Monaco team, recently took part in the first Organisimes de Solidarité Internationale (OSI) Photography Competition, with Paul Crompton’s photo … Rebecca and son have travelled 27km on foot so she can give birth safely in hospital.

The OSI is an umbrella organisation supporting charitable associations in Monaco. The exhibition showcased the work of 19 of the organisation’s members, including Mothers of Africa. It was held on the Terrasses de Fontvieille with Sandrine Mannoni-Oria and Noeline Gally (pictured) attending the opening ceremony in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II. Vicky O’Shea and Susanne Bohush attended the prize-giving, which took place in the Monaco Automobile Museum.   

Susanne said, “We had lots of fun raising awareness for both our charity and also Organisimes de Solidarité International. We were delighted to be part of this first competition in the Principality. Thank you very much to all who voted for us. Although we did not win this time, it was a wonderful opportunity to promote the work of Mothers of Africa, and we met some lovely people while taking turns to man the exhibition tent. There are some truly great projects out there!”

April 2021

Mothers of Africa Monaco Association President, Susanne Bohush, highlights the charity’s work in interviews with two Monaco on-line magazines, The Real Riviera and Good News Monaco.

In the interview with The Real Riviera, Susanne describes how the Monaco Association was established to support the work of the Mothers of Africa UK charity. She discusses how the charity’s objectives had developed to include building infrastructure, recognising the role education plays in empowering women and girls, and contributes to cultural change. “We are building schools and really providing education” she believes.  In the Good News, Monaco feature, Susanne highlighted a collaboration with The International School, Monaco. She said, “We work with the Philanthropy Club who helped us with some events last year (2019) and continue to raise awareness. In addition the Little Sun lamps were from funds donated by the Early Years. We are extremely grateful for their support.”

In both interviews Susanne describes how Mothers of Africa has continued to support the Chongwe community during the global coronavirus pandemic. The charity has developed new projects in response to the needs of the local community. She told The Real Riviera:
“We applied for some grants from the Welsh government and received two awards. One of which was used to help in Chongwe District Hospital. The second grant we used to buy sewing machines.” She told Good News, Monaco, “Since COVID, we have been working with a local women’s sewing circle in Chongwe, providing handmade face masks to the schools and district hospital.” The group have also used the sewing machines to produce handmade sanitary protection packs to all the girls at the Shiyala and Evergreen schools. “We will be extending this to all the girls, some 16,000 people, in the district over the next two years” she said. Reflecting on her time with Mothers of Africa, Susanne told The Real Riviera: “I have a great team here in Monaco, I have really enjoyed being the President of the Monaco Association. I really believe in the idea of teamwork and bringing out the best of what everybody is good at. We really are a team. I find that really exciting because it just works, it is completely organic.”

Read the full interviews at:

March 2021
Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 09.10.48.png

Children in the Early Years classes at the International School of Monaco have been busy doing chores, raising the funds to donate 105 Little Sun lamps to children at Shiyala Primary School. The Little Sun Lamps are small personal solar devices, which will allow the children to study after darkness descends on this rural Zambian village, where the homes have no mains electricity.

Shiyala’s headmistress, Mrs Chilinda, and her team of teachers took delivery of the lamps and distributed them to Grade 7,8 and 9 classes. In a vote of thanks, given by the learners, they said: “The lamps that we have received today have added value to our lives and education…..we have been given a chance to study even at night.”

Susanne Bohush, President of Mothers of Africa, Monaco said: “We are delighted to be able to work with the International School of Monaco and are extremely grateful for their kind donation. The children at Shiyala love the Little Sun lamps and this will make a huge difference to them”.


The International School of Monaco:

Little Sun: 

February 2021

I am a second-year student at Sciences Po College, an international college, with several campuses in France, including Menton, where I study. I started working with Mothers of Africa in 2020 by creating graphics and working on social media platforms.  Mothers of Africa is doing exceedingly important work and it’s an honour to be able to blend my enjoyment of art graphic design with such an important cause.  

In high school, I was a tutor in the Bronx, NY and I am grateful to have the opportunity to further engage with the cause of education in working with Mothers of Africa. The team is wonderful, and everything is so organic.  Even though the current pandemic has posed many challenges, the team has still been able to achieve so much this year through their motivation for the cause and working with them is truly heartening and inspires me to express the mission of Mothers of Africa through my designs.

February 2021

Routine, elective surgery restarted January 12th, at Chongwe District Hospital thanks, in no small part, to Mothers of Africa and the Welsh Government.


In November 2020 we reported how Mothers of Africa were working with Chongwe District Hospital, in Zambia, to create safe pathways in the hospital. This would separate COVID and non-COVID patients, in an effort to encourage the community to attend the hospital for non-COVID conditions. The project, funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa grant scheme, created notices and directional signs guiding patients to COVID safe areas, as well as funding training for all the staff in the hospital, and COVID-19 testing for patients.


Mothers of Africa trustee in Zambia, Dr Job Mwanza, said: “All patients are being subjected to a test before theatre. Accessing the COVID-19 test has been a challenge, but we managed.” Professor Judith Hall, founder of Mothers of Africa, added, “This is so important, especially as COVID-19 has escalated dramatically in Zambia.”

News item for No Finish Line, Monaco
14th to 22nd November 2020 
November 2020
Copy of Untitled.png

For the 4th year Mothers of Africa Monaco took part in No Finish Line to raise money for Children and Future.   The phenomenal team of 31 walked / ran 1691 kms with participants in South of France, Dublin, Wales and New York!  They came 31st out of 213 and had lots of fun raising awareness for a great cause.  Big thanks to everyone who took part, with extra congratulations to  Jean-Paul Gally (287.63 kms – most for male supporter), Robeena Evensen (130.36 kms – most for female supporter) and Noeline Gally from the Monaco committee for walking the furthest for the ladies with 141.39 kms.   The average per person this year was higher than the winning team – a great result and fabulous team effort.  Let’s do it again next year, perhaps on the circuit as well as virtually with a sport app!

Opening a Zambian Hospital
in COVID-19: Update
November 2020
CovidZambia nov20.jpg

When the global coronavirus epidemic hit all but emergency surgery in hospitals in Zambia was stopped and routine outpatient services closed. Since July 2020, Mothers of Africa has been working with Chongwe District Hospital to reopen these services, in a COVID-19 safe setting.

Thanks to a grant from the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme, administered by the Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Mothers of Africa and Chongwe District Hospital have introduced safe patient pathways for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients; identifying physical spaces for each pathway; with signage and basic hygiene stations at critical locations. The grant also funded 5 days of socially distanced teaching in patient streaming for all 250 staff.

supports Mothers of Africa in fight against COVID-19 in Zambia
JULY 2020

Mothers of Africa is helping a community in Zambia in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to two awards from the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa Grant Scheme.


One award is to help the Chongwe District Hospital start taking non-emergency patients again. The pandemic has made the community of around 250,000 people reluctant to attend the hospital for fear of catching the virus. Mothers of Africa is working with local experts in the hospital and Ministry of Health, to create safe patient pathways, one for COVID-19 patients and another for non-COVID-19 patients. The grant will also fund training for the 250 staff at the hospital and a programme of testing for the disease as patients arrive. The founder of the charity, Cardiff University’s Professor Judith Hall said: “What matters is that cross-infection does not take place in the hospital”.


The second award is to support 2,000 children return to classes at three schools in the Chongwe District of Zambia. The Government has mandated that children should return to school providing that there are adequate hand washing facilities, and that each child wears a face mask. Mothers of Africa is providing 6,000 bars of soap for the three schools, and each child with two face masks each. The Welsh Government’s grant will allow the charity to buy 6 sewing machines, on which a local women’s group in Chongwe will produce the face masks. Professor Hall describes this as a “sustainability intervention”. She said, “We are working with a wonderful collaborator, Mrs Noriah Bulaya, who will not only produce the face masks but will educate the women in sewing skills: a legacy project for the future.”


Both projects are described by Professor Hall on the charity’s video stories page:

Monaco Newsletter
May 2020
Screenshot_MoANews2020 (1).jpg

Once again huge thanks due to all our supporters, fundraisers and donors! It has been an interesting time since our last newsletter in February 2019.
As well as a few Bowling and dinner nights and the beautiful Ristretto concert in April, we also hosted an Apero-dinatoire at the Club Nautique in Monaco. We were delighted to take part in the annual Journée International droits des enfants again in October and we have been very busy, more recently with Covid-19 related activities. We are also very grateful to Radio Riviera for the regular shout-outs!

Here is a little run-down of the last few 15 months!      Link to Newsletter

May 2020

After discussions with Chongwe General Hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr Chilala, Mother of Africa has donated 420 bottles of Hygienix soap and 10 rolls of paper towel. The soap and towel will be used at the entrances to departments and wards in the hospital. Mothers of Africa has supported the hospital, which serves a population of around 140,000, in various ways since 2012. Pictured in the left image are Mothers of Africa Zambian-based Trustee, Dr Job Mwanza (left) with Her Royal Highness Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II (centre) handing over one box of soap to Mrs Mable Changala from the district health office (left). Accepting the donation, a delighted Mrs Changala said it will go a long way to protect the frontline health workers and community from Covid-19.

The donation also included 800 cloth facemasks for visitors to the hospital. The hand-made masks were sewn by a group of local women led by Noriah Buleya, who is pictured in the right image, handing over the masks to Her Royal Highness Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II.

May 2020

Mothers of Africa’s project aimed at improving conditions for school learners in Zambia has received recognition in the international architecture community, with a feature in Archdaily. The Evergreen Primary School project brought four new, much needed, classrooms and a teachers’ office to this rural school in Kanatantapa, a settlement in the Chongwe district, east of the capital Lusaka.


The build was designed and project managed by CAUKIN Studio who spent three months living and working in the community during the summer of 2019. Mothers of Africa employed over 30 local workers, half men/half women, bringing much need paid employment to the area and an opportunity to develop new skills. CAUKIN also engaged volunteer participants, mainly from university architecture courses.


With class sizes at Evergreen running at between 80 and 100 learners with one teacher, the new classrooms will improve the learning environment. As local mother and builder Rachel Matale said: “What they are doing here is very good because it has to improve the standard of education”.


Mothers of Africa and CAUKIN had planned to be back at Evergreen in 2020 to build another two classrooms that would start a new kindergarten and pre-school for the community. With the advent of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic these plans have been rescheduled for 2021. However, this gives Mothers of Africa the opportunity to raise more funds and discussions are now taking place with CAUKIN and Evergreen School to see how the build might be enhanced, if more funding is secured.


Link to Archdaily:


Watch Rachel Matale’s interview:

May 2020

An in-country report from Mothers of Africa Trustee, Dr Job Mwanza

Zambia, like many other African countries, has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The country reported its first two cases on 17th March, 2020 and since then cases have been increasing. As of 30th April, 2020, the Country had recorded 106 cumulative cases, three total deaths, 55 recoveries and currently 48 active cases. Lusaka is the epicentre. Unfortunately, 16 health workers have become infected with the disease during their course of their duty, of which five have been discharged.

The Government of Zambia has put in place measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the community. These include among others;

1.    Frequent hand washing. Public places, including hospitals, have been directed to have handwashing facilities with soap. 

2.    Social distancing
3.    Wearing of masks in public places including hospitals
4.    People returning from Covid-19 affected countries have to be in mandatory quarantine for 14 days

The World Health Organisation has warned that Africa could become the next epicentre of Coronavirus.

The medical superintendent of Chongwe District hospital, Dr Mutinda Chilala, told us of the challenges of the lack of PPE and inadequate infection prevention and control training. She said the government were working to supply appropriate PPE for frontline staff.

In the meantime, Mothers of Africa have been providing soap to Chongwe hospital for hand washing and are negotiating with a local women’s group to produce cloth masks for relatives and visitors to the hospital.

Dr Job D. Mwanza 
Senior Advisor-Care & Treatment
Chevening scholar-Cardiff University
Commonwealth Professional Fellow
Lusaka, Zambia 

January 2020
trustees image.jpg

The Annual General Meeting of Mothers of Africa (MOA), on 16th January 2020, saw major changes in our appointed Trustees. 


After over 15 years our dedicated Trustee and Treasurer Dr Steve Morris stood down. He firmly believes in the direction and values of MOA, but as new horizons beckon, it is time to move on. What a marathon, what a contribution, all MOA people are very grateful to Steve.


After over 5 years supporting MOA Mrs Maria Gundy stood down as Trustee . She has made a remarkable and tireless contribution. Though stepping down because of family reasons, she tells me that she will still work for MOA. I'm grateful, MOA is grateful. Thank you Maria.


This left myself (Chair) and Dr Monica Chawathe (Treasurer) as Trustees, not enough! Consequently, we were delighted to have four solid MOA friends agree to take on the role.  

  • Ms Susanne Bohush (of UK and Monaco) is an experienced charity worker and indeed is President of the MOA Monaco Association.

  • Mr Paul Crompton has supported MOA for a decade and his speciality will be photography, messaging and communications.

  • Dr Sunil Dasari is a UK MOA supporter and very keen to develop fundraising in the Wales.

  • Mrs Vicky Layton is Vice President of MOA Monaco and has expertise in fundraising and Social Media.

All of our Trustees are dedicated, energetic and will be enterprising for MOA.


Our vision remains that, through education at grassroots level, we can save the lives of women:

  • That education will enable choices for women and families. 

  • That education will reduce poverty and health improve. 

  • And so MOA supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

14th December 2019
December 2019
15 Janu news item4.jpg

Hugely fun and successful Christmas Market in Monaco!


Our supporters enjoyed tea and cake, mini reflexology sessions and had their names written in calligraphy at our Christmas Fundraiser. Cahana jewelry, wax creations and Young Living essential oil items were all on sale, making great presents. One of the highlights were the Zambian crafts we brought back from Kabwata Market, Lusaka in September 2019. 


We raised over €1700 to build our nursery in Evergreen Primary School. Mothers of Africa ROCK!!


Well done to Frances Trowell who won the place at Gavin Sharpe’s workshop. Special thanks to Gavin, Fabrice Allia, Raouf Metfah, Rikke Brogaard, Angela Collings, Margaret Cooke and Michelle Kirby who helped so very much. Our team from ISM Philanthropy Club, and Jen and supermodel Gina the dog were fantastic!


In fact all Mothers of Africa supporters are FABULOUS!  


16th December 2019
December 2019
15 Janu news item2.jpg

Monaco Choirs Belles (yes some of our Mothers of Africa Monaco team sing!) and ISM voices gave a wonderful Christmas concert at the International School of Monaco.

Parents, teachers and friends got into the Christmas spirit over mulled wine and snacks kindly donated by the PTA and cakes from the Philanthropy Club.

We were delighted to tell the Mothers of Africa Story and more funds were raised for our next project: a nursery school in rural Zambia!


We are so very grateful to be working with the Philanthropy Club this year.


16th December 2019
December 2019
news item re julian 5k donation.jpg

Together, Julian Lennon's White Feather Foundation & Mothers of Africa are building a Nursery School for 50 small children in Zambia.    


Early years education is critical for children's development, especially in rural communities where tough lives make education almost impossible for families.


We must raise 35,000 Euro to build the school & TWFF has donated a massive 5,000 Euro to get things started. 


Mothers of Africa is very grateful indeed.


Will you help too? Please make a donation via The White Feather Foundation 


20th November 2019
November 2019

Monaco Team helped out again this year at the 30th Journée International Droit des Enfants.  A fun day was had by all despite the torrential rain.

It was geat to see our name on the screen of the Grimaldi Forum for the charity concert by Michael Gregorio in the evening in the presence of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover.

November 2019

Mothers of Africa Monaco walked / ran 1267 kms for Children and Future with their amazing team of 34! Big thanks to everyone who took part including Caid the dog and Grenade the cat! Special congratulations to Pierre Belvisi (265kms), Gemma Griffiths (169kms) and Brigitte Grauss (138kms). 

Professor Judith Hall was in Monaco for the first weekend and completed a marathon in 7 1/2 hours and the team had lots of fun planning future events and projects for 2020.


November 2019

The Monaco Team have been busy folding 3000 Christmas for sale at the main Post Office and also at their Christmas Market on the 14th December 5 Euros FOR 5 Cards


September 2019
new intern.JPG

We are delighted to announce that Meg Harris will be joining our team in Monaco this year! A little bit about our new intern from Sciences Po in Menton...

After growing up in the suburbs of the New York, I moved to the south of France to begin my university studies at Sciences Po Paris campus in Menton. Here, I study Middle Eastern and North African politics with a focus in political humanities. I have worked with multiple education-focused NGOs, both in an administrative capacity and on-the-ground role. I'm incredibly excited to be part of the Mothers of Africa team, and I can't wait to see what my future at the organisation holds!


June 2019

After its success with the Shiyala School build in 2016/17, Mothers of Africa has turned its attention to the neighbouring school, Evergreen Primary. Work has started on building a series of new classrooms at the school, near Chongwe, Zambia. This new project, funded by the charity, will help towards reducing class sizes at Evergreen, which can reach nearly 100, that is more than twice that recommended by the District Education Board. With families keen to get an education for their children and teachers reluctant to turn away willing learners, these large class sizes making for a challenging environment for all.

The plans include 4 new classrooms, designed to seat 48 learners in each, and a teachers office. The plans have been drawn up by CAUKIN Studio, who are also managing the project on the ground in Chongwe. They have recruited a local workforce of equal men and women – a core requirement of Mothers of Africa – and these will be paired up with volunteers from a variety of backgrounds, who arrive in mid-July.

The project is due for completion in September 2019.


May 2019

May 2019 will see Mothers of Africa back at the Shiyala Primary school, in rural Zambia, to run another of their highly successful holiday camps. Teachers Janice Newport and Vicky Layton, both from the charity’s Monaco Association, will be working with the school’s salaried and volunteer teachers to deliver a four day programme developed in collaboration with head teacher Mr Enock Charles Banda and Ms. Mirriam Kufanga.


Mr Banda says: “Working with this charitable organization has been very exciting!  They are one of the most committed, dedicated and serious groups I have met. Suffice to say that they are down-to-earth friendly & a wonderful group to work with.”


While only 34 children from a school roll of over 350 will be able to attend, the local teachers take an active part in the programme, sharing in the learning experience.

The trip will also provide the opportunity to present more donated books to the school library and collect new core teaching books, purchased in country.


27th March 2019

The charity’s major commitment in 2019 is the building new classrooms at Shiyala’s neighbouring school, Evergreen. Unlike Shiyala, which was only adopted by the local education board, in 2016, Evergreen is a long established school catering for a widely dispersed rural community. Class sizes of up to a 100 learners are taught in difficult conditions. In the past the school’s PTA has started to build a classroom block but ran out of funds before it could be completed. However, with Mothers of Africa’s engagement with the school, the government has committed to completing this build, while the charity builds the new classrooms blocks. This combined approach should reduce class sizes considerably.


Mother of Africa founder Professor Judith Hall says: “Educating the girls in a proper Zambian school, with proper Zambian trained teachers, they will now have the opportunity to control their own health, for their own future, and I think that’s the biggest thing you can do for maternal health.”


Mothers of Africa has engaged Caukin Studio, a collective of young architectural designers, who are working in collaboration with Evergreen’s head teacher Mr Esau Phiri and local authorities, to develop plans for new the classrooms and other creative learning spaces. The build is planned for the summer of 2019 and will provide opportunities for volunteers to work hand-in-hand with local crafts people.

Volunteering information is available from Caukin Studio:


27th March 2019
News Article - March 2019.JPG

Mothers of Africa’s Monaco Association have held a highly successful fundraiser to support the charity’s work in Zambia. After an evening of bowling and dinner the event raised €230, which will go towards the purchase of 35 Oxford English School dictionaries for the Shiyala Primary School. Four teams took part in the bowling, taking their team names from current collaborations in Zambia, namely: Shiyala, Evergreen, Caukin and Mwakalombe. And the winners were – Team Caukin. Association President, Susanne Bohush said, “Thank you to everyone who came and took part. As well as raising a great amount, we had a lot of fun.”



12th March 2019

Mothers of Africa is pleased to announce Susanne Bohush as the new President of the charity’s Monaco Association.

Susanne takes over from Janice Newport who stepped down after a very successful spell as Mothers of Africa lead in Monaco.


Janice not only ran a number of successful educational holiday camps in Shiyala, Zambia, but also led the Monaco team to achieving charitable Association status in the Principality.

Susanne said: “Janice has done a tremendous job and I would like to thank her on behalf of the Shiyala community. She has made such a difference, giving the children, and in particular the girls of the village, a chance of a better future. We are extremely grateful to Janice and her family.“


Susanne takes over at an exciting time for Mothers of Africa with a further holiday camp scheduled for 2019 and plans being firmed up for a classroom build at the Evergreen School, near Chongwe, Zambia. With class sizes of nearly 100 learners at Evergreen, this is much needed.


7th February 2019
News article book shipment.jpeg

Most of us have fond memories of our favourite childhood stories and the moments we shared reading with our own children. As children grow up what do we do with the books that gather dust and remain unread? Difficult to give away these precious family souvenirs.

In 2018, MoA launched our sustainable book project helping to recycle your memories and recycle your books.

We collected over 1,500 children’s second-hand books from our supporters and local schools which are now on their way to our small school library in Zambia. The empty bookshelves are waiting to be filled and the children are waiting to read and love your books. 

Sincere thanks to everyone who made a book donation.


15th December 2018
News Article - Dec 18.jpg

A traditional Christmas market with an African twist raised €2,300.

In the final run up to Christmas, Mothers of Africa held its annual market offering a special selection of African gifts, decorations, table linen and mouthwatering home baked cakes and cookies. A special range of chemical free bath and body products using essential oils flew off the Christmas stall. Children’s workshops were organised to add to the family atmosphere and the lucky winner of our winter competition, Juliette O’Connor, was picked by one of our younger MoA supporters. The mystery skiing sheep is Minty.

A huge thank you to St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Monaco for allowing MoA to use their church hall which was festively decorated.

Thanks also go to Angela Collings, Marjorie Gaggino, Jennifer Jacotine and Dawn Heffernan for their help.

Season’s greetings to all our supporters. .


NO FINISH Line, Monaco 2018
10th - 18th November 2018
Blog Nove 2018_2353.jpeg

For the second year, team MoA participated at the NFL, Monaco to support a fellow charity Children & Future.
The NFL is a solidarity event open to everyone: it involves running or walking a circuit of 1.4 km which is open 24 hours a day for 8 days, as many times as desired and as many kilometers as desired.  Each km is recorded on a chip worn by the participant and for every 1 km traveled 
the organization and its partners donate €1 to support projects for underprivileged or sick children. 

This year, amongst our new recruits were two of our animal friends Caramba and Gina.

It is always fun event and a great way to get fit and raise money for an excellent cause.

Go Team MoA!

23rd September 2018

Your very generous donations buy essential stationery for Evergreen and Shiyala schools. MoA deliver directly into the hands of the people who need your help.


Mr. Phiri, headmaster of Evergreen School was delighted to welcome MoA founder Professor Judith Hall. "Prof Judith brought us the vitally needed stationery: chalk, reams of paper, ballpoint pens, pencils... We are very thankful to the Mothers of Africa Team for this support!” said Mr. Banda, headmaster of Shiyala School.


We thank BookWorld, Lusaka for their generous 15% discount and Japhen Mwakalombe Trust for organizing the logistics

23rd September 2018

There were families, fun, bikes and a lot of riding this Sunday in San Remo, Italy.

The Mothers of Africa team and supporters set off from San Remo and took to the Ligurian coastline cycle trail a converted old railway track.  One of the highlights of the day was the great Italian lunch in Arma di Taggia overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

A highly recommended 16km round trip to take in some fresh air, do some exercise and raise 340 euros for the charity.

A huge thank you to Angela Richardson who organized the event.

31st August 2018

We are delighted to welcome Sara Loo from Singapore as our intern for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Sara was recruited from Sciences Po, Menton campus and joins us as part of her second year Civic Learning Programme.


Sara is particularly interested in the education of women and has hands on experience of teaching underprivileged women and children. We believe that Sara’s skills, experience and passion will further the goals of Mothers of Africa.

Janice and Vicky were impressed by the level of all the Sciences Po candidates.

Welcome Sara!

28th July 2018

“Some time for myself! Phew”
That’s what some of the 14 participants said on Saturday as we embarked on an afternoon of chill-out and mindfulness.
Thanks very much to Noeline for hosting the event and Alison Prideaux from O Mindfulness who led us through the lovely relaxing afternoon.

We raised €195 for Mothers of Africa and all had a great time!

7th July 2018
monaco party july 2018.jpg

Singing, dancing and whole lot of fun at our annual summer party in Monaco. The location, the Club Bouliste du Rocher a hidden gem in Monaco, gave us a breathtaking view of the Monaco harbour with a firework display thrown in for free. What more could we have wanted?…Oh yes!…A raffle offering sensational prizes and a photobooth MoA style.

A huge thank you to all our supporters and donors, with your help we raised €2,450.

30th May 2018

On May 2nd 2018, the Honourable Minister Japhen Mwakalombe and local MP, came to Shiyala village for the official Shiyala Primary School inauguration.  Mr Mwakalombe took time to give special thanks and words of encouragement to the six volunteer Shiyala teachers.  Also pictured are: Professor Judith Hall, founder of Mothers of Africa; Dr Job Mwanza, Chongwe, District Health Director; and Paul Crompton, official MoA photographer.​

28th May 2018

“Aubagne FC” is a French football club based in Aubagne, South of France. The club supports football training and practice for children from the age of 5 upwards to Senior levels. Aubagne FC itself plays in the French Amateur Championship Division 2.

Shiyala School in Zambia in a rural school newly opened by the charity Mothers of Africa and a neighbourhood school for families who are very poorly off. So when Mothers of Africa decided to equip the school making it fully operational, sports equipment was very definitely required. Donation is a way of overcoming the very limited resources of the Zambian Government Education Board. So sports equipment became part of the donation program.

One of our charity supporters, who used to live in Aubagne and keeps in touch with the club, proposed to the club managers that they might gather second-hand football strips for donation to the Shiyala School children. Shortly afterwards, and much to the surprise of Mothers of Africa we received a suitcase full of brand new football tee-shirts, jerseys and shorts, plus a very generous private donation in cash for Shiyala School!

We are over the moon and grateful to Aubagne FC for their contribution in helping Shiyala’s children in such a genuine manner. Having now handed over the equipment to our Zambian School we can tell you that the Headteacher, Mr Enock Banda, all his committed and wonderful staff and the girls and boys of Shiyala School are all extraordinarily grateful to Aubagne FC for this fabulous support.

Thank you Aubagne FC and private donor, heartfelt thanks from all of us!

12th May 2018

​Janice Newport from our charity partner make an official presentation of Touch The Earth books to Mr. Banda the headmaster and Ruth the volunteer teacher and librarian.


Mothers Of Africa had a wonderful time in Shiyala, including an amazing inauguration of the school by a Zambian MP Japhen Mwakalombe.

18th May 2018

​The long awaited Zambian text books have arrived at Shiyala Primary School. There are over 2,000 books: a copy per student, per subject and per grade and not forgetting teacher's books and atlases.   "The Mothers of Africa Team have made us proud & more determined to deliver our services to the community of Shiyala." said Mr. Banda, Headmaster, upon taking delivery of the books.

We thank Bookworld, Zambia for their generous discount and help in ordering the books.

19th March 2018

More friends of Mothers of Africa: 32 triple desks were delivered to Shiyala School  Zambia.  Your fundraising is making a huge difference to hundreds of children.

22 December 2017

​On the 22nd December, we became an official Association in Monaco. We are a committee of 7 people: 6 based in the Monaco area and we are joined by Professor Judith Hall who represents the MoA charity based in Cardiff, Wales. 

29th January 2018

​Mothers of Africa is delighted to welcome Julian Lennon as the charity’s first Ambassador. As a prominent philanthropist, already supporting health and child education through his White Feather Foundation, Julian shares the aspirations of Mothers of Africa. As we continue to grow and undertake new projects, Julian will help promote our activities and goals to an even larger audience.


We thank Julian Lennon for his trust and support in our work to build a more sustainable future for women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa.

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