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Recognising the value of pre-school education, the community and Mothers of Africa plan to build two more classrooms, with dedicated facilities, to provide a kindergarten at Shiyala School.


In 2016 Mothers of Africa undertook the most ambitious project in their 12-year history: they built a school in Shiyala village, in rural Zambia. Working literally hand-in-hand with the villagers, and with the backing of the District Education Board, we funded the building of 6 classrooms, a teachers’ house and toilet block.

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A year later we added 3 more classrooms. The school has been a great success, with now over 500 children attending lessons up to grade 8 in the Zambian curriculum.

In collaboration with social enterprise architects CAUKIN Studio, plans fo the kindergarten are being developed with the build to commence in the summer of 2022, global pandemic permitting."