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Professor Judith Hall

At an international symposium in 2004 in Paris, Professor Judith Hall learnt about the appalling maternal mortality statistics in sub-Saharan Africa. 1 in 8 women were dying in childbirth in some regions of Africa.  She and a group of friends and supporters decided to try and help and registered our charity Mothers of Africa in the UK.  An Education Trust was set up: we think that educating women to help themselves for health and to escape from poverty presents the only sustainable future.  Since then we're delighted to say Mothers of Africa has been registered in 2017 as a Monaco Association.

Mothers of Africa listens to the needs of people in Africa who ask for our help and we try to meet that need, if we have the expertise and funds. 

We've helped with training doctors, midwives and nurses in Benin, Togo, Liberia, Ethiopia and Zambia. We've helped build curricula and carried out lots of 'training the trainers'.  

Now our vision has changed a little and in order to provide education from the bottom up, we've started teaching and supporting primary school children and their teachers in Zambia. Its been a huge success.  In order to do this better, we've even built a school!

In 2018 we're fully equipping this school for 540 children: Shiyala Primary in Zambia.  Why not join us by running your own fundraiser, or simply hit the 'Donate' button on this website. Any donation, of whatever size, will be well spent on our projects.

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