Dr Job Mwanza

Dr Job Mwanza is a public health specialist who did his postgraduate training at Cardiff University as a Chevening Scholar in 2015/16. Initially, he trained as a medical doctor at the University of Zambia.  Before receiving the prestigious Chevening scholarship, he spent 4 years working as a medical officer in charge (Superintendent) at Chongwe district
hospital in rural Zambia.

He was promoted in 2018 to a position of District Health Director and worked as overall supervisor of a team of close to 300 health workers in the district that work at health facilities focusing on primary health care. His focus among others
is to promote health through prioritizing activities that promote disease prevention within the minimal resource the institution accesses through both government and partner grants.

Since 2012, he has been instrumental in the collaboration between Mothers of Africa and the Ministry of Health in particular doing charity work through provision of quality health services at Chongwe district hospital that serves the rural under-served community. He was the main collaborator in-country and supporter of Mothers of Africa during the preparations and eventual construction of the quality infrastructure at Shiyala Primary School that provides quality education to close to 400 children in the rural community closer to their families. Through this collaboration, quality education will eventually translate into a healthy community, something that is close to the heart of Dr Job Mwanza.
Recently Mothers of Africa has recognized his passion and his contribution to the wellbeing of the community in terms of health and education and appointed him as a trustee for Mothers of Africa based in Zambia. He was the country
representative for Mothers of Africa during the expansion and construction of infrastructure at Evergreen Primary School in Chongwe that was successfully handed over to the Ministry of education late 2019.

Currently while serving as a trustee for Mothers of Africa, he is working as a senior advisor at ICAP-Zambia-an organization that ensures the wellness of families and communities through strengthening health systems and improving
accessibility to Quality health care to everyone around the world.