How your donation is used

Mothers of Africa is a small charity founded in Wales and registered with the UK's Charity Commission.  We also have a registered Association in Monaco.  Both branches of Mothers of Africa are made up of volunteers who passionately believe in the charity's mission to support medical and general education in low resourced countries, through carefully planned interventions, identified by local communities and supported by local leaders and in-country officials.

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When building infrastructure, where possible, we employ local crafts people on a basis of equal women and men, and they are paid the local rate for the jobs.  Our building projects are designed, and project managed by social enterprise architects, using locally sourced materials.  The charity itself has no paid employees.

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In 2019, this group of learners was the first to successfully complete their schooling up to grade 8, in the Shiyala Primary School. A school built by Mothers of Africa and funded totally through donations.

Mothers of Africa is currently fund raising on two fronts: in support of the fight against the 'period poverty', and to continue our commitment to improve the education facilities in the Chongwe District of Zambia.  Please consider a donation to support these projects.  Your donation will make a difference to the lives of women and children in Chongwe. You can donate directly through Mothers of Africa's Just giving page by clicking on the donate button.