Clinical Education

Mothers of Africa started as a clinical charity.  At an international symposium in 2004 in Paris, Professor Judith Hall learnt about the appalling maternal mortality statistics in sub-Saharan Africa.  As a doctor she felt she must help.


Since then Mothers of Africa has helped train many doctors, midwives and nurses in Benin, Togo, Liberia, Ethiopia and Zambia. As we want our activities to be sustainable we’re careful about the projects we choose: they must have a lasting impact, so we've helped build curricula and carried out lots of 'training the trainers' courses.  


Our most impactful project to date is in Chongwe in Zambia. The Clinical Director of Chongwe Hospital is a close friend and partner of the charity, Dr Job Mwanza.  Mothers of Africa assisted him with opening of the operating theatres in the hospital, with educational resources and with staff training. Since the partnership began, well over 1000 women have now been safely delivered by Caesarean Section, when previously they would have travelled long distances risking their life and the life of their baby.


In 2018 we will carry out team training in Obstetric Emergencies.  It will be realistic and real time, involving everyone from porters to drivers, to nurses and doctors.  So that when the next very poorly mum arrives in the hospital, the team will know what to do.  They will be fully prepared.


The clinical work of Mothers of Africa has been supported by many small donors and by bigger donors like Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Art and Design, Wales for Africa, Cardiff University, the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland and the Tropical Health and Education Trust, as well as by the travelling clinicians themselves.  We are grateful, but of course continuing support is so important.  Why not do a fun run or have a cake sale. Please help if you can.