Brett Barling

I was invited to a summer’s evening MoA charity dinner in 2017 and it so happened that I sat next to Janice Newport, sister to the charity’s founder Judith Hall.  In the course of the conversation I heard about her first hand work in Africa and how the money raised is spent - I realised then that this charity was not quite like others, it was personal and real and it was working.  Later that year I decided to use my birthday celebration as a means of raising more money for MoA. Subsequent to this I was invited to join the team and contribute to the setting up of the MoA Monaco association.  


I have lived in Monaco for over 30 years and arrived as a qualified chartered accountant to work in a large family office, I guess it was inevitable that I would be appointed treasurer! Hopefully one day in the future, when my daughter has reached adulthood, she will want to come with me to see how our efforts are helping African life and she will be equally inspired.