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Our Beliefs

Too many girls and women are dying needlessly in childbirth.

The solution to the high maternal mortality rate lies in education.

Education in schools, in communitites and in health facilities.

Education will enable people to take control of their lives, promote health and reduce poverty.  

Our Values

Mothers of Africa never imposes, we wait to be invited.

Mothers of Africa is a listening project: we listen to the needs of those asking for our help and we try to meet that need, if we have the expertise and funds. 

Our absolute focus is on educational projects.

We are formed to support health promotion of women and girls, but we believe we cannot achieve this fully without educating men and boys too.

Each day in Africa the number of mothers who die in childbirth is equavalent to the seats in 3 Jumbo Jets

An extra year of primary school education boosts girls' eventual wages by

10-20%.  An extra year of secondary school adds


Closing the joblessness gap between girls and their male counterparts would yield an increase in GDP of up to 1.2% in a single year!

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