About Us

Mothers of Africa is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation established in 2004 by Professor Judith Hall, a doctor in Cardiff UK.  The charity addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We try to improve women's health, reduce maternal deaths and build schools so girls and boys have better lives out of poverty.

In Europe a woman's risk of dying during childbirth is 1 in 3,700, but in sub-Saharan Africa the risk is 1 in 38.  Since inception Mothers of Africa has delivered training programmes to doctors and nurses in many African countries including Liberia, Benin, Togo and Tanzania.

In 2012 the charity started working in Zambia, in Chongwe Hospital and the near-by Shiyala Village.  Shiyala is a  community of subsistence farmers, centered on a health post and a derelict community school run by untrained volunteer teachers.  In a short time the relationship between charity and village grew and Judith realised that improving the education of the village children could make a huge contribution to the charity's objectives.  She said: "I recognised that the girls running around this patch of land had no education, and were the girls who were going to die".

In 2013, a small group of supporters in Monaco became actively involved in running education programs in Zambia, including helping with adult literacy and numeracy. To help and support the aims and objectives of the UK charity a Mothers of Africa Monaco Association was officially established in December 2017.

In 2016 the charity set about working with the village and a social enterprise architecture companies, Orkidstudio and CAUKIN. We build schools and hand them over to the Zambian authorities making then donation sustainable.

In 2018, the charity handed over the second phase of the build and Shiyala now has a government-adopted school with nine classrooms, trained professional Zambian teachers and space for over 500 learners.

Finally, to bring you up to date, in 2019 we:

  • Built 4 new classrooms at Evergreen School Zambia; 

  • Built a Teachers Office and landscaped the school; 

  • Provided 60 treble desks and teachers desks;

  • Donated over 2,000 story books and loads of pencil cases for the children; 

  • Provided holiday schools for the children; 

  • Worked with students from Cardiff University and throughout the globe to deliver the new buildings. 


Thank you everyone its been a brilliant year!